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This book clearly articulates the crisis that the human race is facing with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and war still being used as a legitimate way of settling disputes. The author uses the word omnicide to describe the possible mass extermination of humans that will come as a result of the use of weapons of mass destruction or environmental collapse due to overpopulation and global warming. Stark describes the urgency of taking corrective action now, before it is too late.
This book offers hope that civilization will rise to the challenge of abolishing war, just as it abolished slavery in the 19th century. He proposes extending the rule of law and government to the global level and building a democratic world government. The world government would replace the weak and ineffective structure of the UN with a democratic and transparent government of the people…
The goal is to replace a system of 194 sovereign states, each with its own army, with a system of law that includes a world parliament, directly elected by the people, and world courts with the power to settle disputes. Democratic world government would have the power to address international problems such as global warming and overpopulation.
The question of course is how can such a government be brought about? Stark proposes that the power of the Internet be used to create a referendum on democratic world government, and he has created a website (voteworldgovernment.org) and an organization (Vote World Government).
Collecting votes to support the creation of a democratic world government will create a political will that leaders cannot ignore. The book includes over 200 quotes from world leaders and great thinkers, such as Einstein, that support the creation of a democratic world government.
This is a brave and visionary book that puts a challenge to the reader: act and be part of a great movement to bring civilization and law to the global level, or prepare to face disaster. This book is full of hope and inspiration and will leave the reader with a clear objective and direction. Rescue Plan for Planet Earth should be required reading in every school and by every politician.”

Jerry Tetalman, California president of Citizens for Global Solutions and co-author of One World Democracy

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